Meet the Artist

“Hair and makeup was a gift,” is what Arlinda ‘A.R.’ Sanderson told me when I asked why she loved it as much as she did; her passion evident on her face. As a young woman growing up in Detroit, MI Arlinda realized she could braid and manipulate hair by chance in middle school. After this discovery her appetite for practice and knowledge became insatiable and by the age of 16 she was a self-taught braider who was known for being able to recreate any style. Eventually, her family began to bring her style ideas to execute which she often did successfully. It didn’t take long before Arlinda knew she wanted to attend Cosmetology school. This idea came to a screeching halt when her family began to impose the idea that “hair was not a career so she should make a better plan for her future”. This is exactly what she did for six years; starting at Wayne State University (WSU).

Arlinda transferred to Clark Atlanta University (CAU) after her first year at WSU. Here she gained what she calls an “experience that I want all Black youth to be able to choose. It was so valuable to my self-development”. While in college Arlinda often worked on campus and off but still found time to acquire and maintain a small steady clientele in Atlanta. Arlinda graduated from CAU in May of 2011 earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and a Master’s in Accountancy. She returned home two days after graduation excited to began working as an auditor for a very globally relevant accounting firm. After two years in Accounting, Arlinda decided that she was ready to return and fully commit to her passion.

While in grad school Arlinda had the opportunity to develop a business model. This model was for what was soon to become Beauty Full You, LLC.  She says, “Life happened! I believe that we all have destiny and purpose here on Earth. When I look back I can see how all the bricks just layed right in place. I know this is my path so there was no way around it. This is a work of love for me. An area where I can help others in one of the most effective of ways. I believe self-love is the greatest of assets but the hardest to achieve. It is a chance to touch all kinds of people from multiple phases of life because one thing is for sure. The Beauty business needs an overhaul and it is underway. I’m just one of the several people who believe that all beauty should be accepted and celebrated.”


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