On The Fly

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On The Fly

It's 9:48pm on a Monday evening and I am sitting reading Galatians in the New Living Translation so needless to say I am definitely enjoying brother Paul's letter to Galatia. While reading I began to hear what is arguably THE most annoying noise ever. The distinct buzz of a fly that is trapped in my apartment. I only have the light on in the living room and summer is winding down here in Detroit so he is definitely flying circles around me. You know how it is, that constant and sporadic fanning almost as if you have Tourette syndrome and your Ticks are out of control.

Finally, this fly decides to make an effort to reach the light BUT there is a cover on it so he is not able to reach the bulb. (I will insert a picture below.) Since he is not able to reach the light he decides to keep bouncing up against the cover in every possible direction which turns out to be an even more annoying noise (Who knew🤷🏽‍♀️). Well at this point I decide unfortunately he will not survive the night here BUT before I can continue in that thought God suddenly revels to me how so many of us are just like that fly. We put ourselves in situations that we have no business in and then find ourselves trapped. This spoke to me in such a profound way and for that I thank God because he uses the most humble and gentle of ways to speak to us so many times; when He in his mighty power could instead shut us down with the most minuscule effort!

Here is that Fly chilling on the light cover. I guess he decided to just settle for close to. Problem with close to is that he can't know for sure that it isn't what he is really looking for! Y'all better test those spirits!

Okay back to the fly, so he just continues to bounce around this cover where he is able to see the light but doesn't even realize that it isn't the fullness of the light of the sun but instead an artificial substitute. However, this substitute is the best option he has at this point because daylight is gone so he will have to make it to the morning. The crazy thing is he doesn't even realize that the light bulb can't be reached so every so often he flys away from it and then tries again. Needless to say he definitely won't make it to the morning because this orange old school fly swatter with the metal handle is already on the coffee table preparing to give his eulogy.

Isn't this so like us though! How we engage ourselves into relationships and situations that we know are not God's best for us? Then once in the situation we try to sprinkle a little Jesus on it where we see fit as if we can fit him into our box? Isn't it funny how then we end up eventually unhappy and just trying to reach the Son (oh yeah I know this is good ain't it!) only to find out that we have lost view of the true light?! COME ON SOMEBODY!

I pray that today you are not like this fly and if you are I pray that you or your spirit doesn't perish in that circumstance before you are able to find the light again. I pray that we can keep the true light in our sights and that we don't allow exploration or curiosity to lead us down a path that wasn't ordered for us.

I love you 😘 Grace and Peace


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